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    General Description of Nanling
    History and Culture
    Economic Development
    Location and Transportation
    Industrial Foundation
    Living Environment
    Leisure and Tourism
    Commercial Service
    Idiomatical Gardens
    Honor of City
        Located in the southeastern area in Anhui province, Nanling County belongs to the Open city Wuhu, which is one of the two cores of Anhui Demonstration Region for Industrial Transfer along the Yangtze River. Nanling covers an area of 1264 square kilometers with a population of 552,000. Nanling has jurisdiction of eight towns and two provincial economic development parks. Nanling owns location advantage, favorable traffic condition, good industrial foundation and strong business atmosphere. It is the gradient set-point to promote the development along Yangtze River, the cutting-edge area to undertake most radiation from economically developed Yangtze River Delta region. Nanling is the best choice for companies both from home and aboard to invest in China. It is, without doubt, an ideal city for living, what’s more, a better city to start your business....[ more ]
         Nanling is a county with thousands of years history. It became a county called Chungu during the Western Han Dynasty, the ...[ more ]
        The economic development of Nanling has been growing rapidly. The average annual GDP and financial income growth rate is 16.3% a...[ more ]
      Important transportation hub in southern Anhui   Railway: The Beijing to Fuzhou high speed railway will pass by the ...[ more ]
         The ratio between the primary, second and third industry has changed from 31:40:29 respectively in 2005 to17.6:59:23.4 in ...[ more ]
        Nanling county is covered with mountains and rivers. The forest covering ratio is 37% and the city landscaping ratio reaches 35% ...[ more ]
        There has been a strong commercial atmosphere in Nanling. With strong purchasing power, the world-famous retail companies such a ...[ more ]
        Nanling County has 2 provincial economic development zones which have strong industrial foundation.     ...[ more ]
        Nanling county has been consecutively approved as “Top Ten County” for investment environment in Anhui Province twice. It was ...[ more ]
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